Testimonial - what clients are saying

I am amazed by how inviting and comforting you were in our first coaching session. Your presence and energy was crystal clear. I'm blown away that it comes across so clearly over a video call. Imagine meeting you in person, wow that would besomething!

I look forward to our next meeting. Thank you immensely for doing this work and putting yourself out there. You have a natural talent I can see. I'm inspired. Warm regards, E.B.

Coaching with Franziska was my go-to every week. I was so happy to see her, she is so sweet and gentle in her guidance. So much wisdom. I felt truly safe with her, able to open, share my wounds, my ugliest sides, unfold in a vulnerable way.

The transformation is still on going but I feel more power inside and reflecting on my daily life. I am more at ease in my relationship with my partner and in my work. My sexuality is slowly healing. But we went through the most difficult part. I am able to feel pleasure where I couldn't weeks ago. Going to miss our weekly session... C.P.

This was a more uncomfortable session for me because it was pushing my comfort zones emotionally, but even still and again, I was amazed at your ability to maintain and hold the space. I was pre-menstrual so this could have added to my heightened sensitvity so maybe there is something to syncing with clients menstrual cycle as a way of refining deep emotional and tranformative work

around sex, love and relationship. Its an interesting idea.

I thought, again, you handle the space and the facilitation of this work incredibly. You are very calm, your presence is not intrusive, yet is felt on a deep level with care and

consideration. Remarkable! 

I feel that the most transformative moments from this session for me were expressing my anger towards my mom and getting it out of me, and taking time to look at and consider my inner feminine. I have never done either of these things before so it was very powerful and moving/shifting in nature. I feel incredibly alive from my sessions with you, extremely grateful and so amazingly hopeful even though the work is quite difficult to confront. Thank you for staying with me throughout.

I think you are a very grounded and professional coach and your energy and vitality comes through vibrantly and beautifully. Lucky me!  E.K. 

Your space holding and presence is exemplary. I'm amazed at how attentive and capable you are at being able to maintain a deep level of connection throughout the entire session. You are clearly listening and have refined this challenging skill.

I was very surprised by how quickly the process you took me through enabled me to connect to an inner and very personal perspective of myself and my inner child. Its an incredibly effective process. For me, keeping my eyes closed and feeling internally and externally safe made this process more accessible. I felt as at ease as one could with your ability to listen, reflect and maintain the space holding. Thank you. The depth was intense, but transformative and eye opening.

Even just that session, without the practices, helped me tremendously in understanding myself on a deeper level and with being able to witness my inner reflections and inner child with care and consideration. So beautiful, however difficult. I was able to learn something about myself that I had never fully realized and just that one thing has helped me to be so much more accepting of myself. Your use of these tools you have learned clearly has the potential to be transformative and in my case has been. One thing that I came to understand from this session with you facilitating was that I had a much deeper level of not being accepting of my inner child, the part of me that had been sexually abused as a little girl. I have always felt a great range and appreciation of so many things about myself and my inner child but was not aware that there was something in me that also didn't want her, didn't want my reality to be true. It was very powerful to see that plainly, to feel it and to now work at accepting and healing that part of me in a deeper and more meaningful way. Forme, that lack of acceptance always came from the outside, from others and I couldn't see that the seed was within me. Difficult to face, but so important and worthwhile in order to transcend its hold on me and my life. Thank you for such a poignant and timely experience with you. Anonymous

This was the absolute most beneficial session for me ever! A.St.


Franziska holds a beautiful container of safety and deep acceptance. Her intuitive and sensitive guidance opens the door for the parts of you that has been hiding in the shadows. She creates a space where all is welcome to express and no judgment exists. Thank you Franziska, from the bottom of my heart, for holding space for me in my most vulnerable and authentic expression, allowing for deep healing to happen naturally. Raquel Vinaja